About Our Agency


Peace & Grace to you, This is how the name came about. I, Anna Davis, I got started in the insurance industry back in 2001, I did it for a few years then got into a family business for a while. When the time came to get back into the business I joined multiple companies as an independent agent, like Aflac, Voya Financial, and Farmers Insurance, etc.. then the time came to settle down and open up an agency. I had a choice to go with the cookie cutter model of an insurance agency, where you pick a company, put their signboard upfront and follow their rules.

It became obvious, if I wanted to do the right thing in my mind, I had to do it my way. I did not want sales quotas to meet in order to get paid and I also did not like that one size fits most approach when talking insurance.

A decision had to be made. and at the time, some of my regional directors looked at me in disbelief. I picked the hard way.

Just like any business; starting an agency was a challenge. Locations, Licencing, Permits, Signs, Fixtures ..etc. but the easiest part came from my heart.. and that was the name. Peace & Grace. it has multiple meaning in my heart, the Origin comes form Egypt where I came from. A common greeting for the local Christian Population is Peace & Grace.

It also has to do with my Egyptian Birth Name “Ereny” which means Peace in the Ancient Coptic (Egyptian) Language and my American Name “Anna” which means Grace in the Hebrew origins.

However, the most important factor was my vision, I wanted my clients to have Peace & Grace when they come into our office. wither we are getting paid or not, wither we are earning the business or referring it out ..the most important value is Peace & Grace.