Supplemental Plans

Cancer Insurance

Even though we are an independent agency and we can do business with as many carriers as we like, We choose, Aflac Cancer Plans. The reason being, Aflac is one of the original companies to offer Cancer Plans. As we usually tell our clients, Your medical Insurance would probably pay if you need to see a cancer specialist out of state, But Aflac will pay you to get to that specialist.

Alfac, knows cancer very well, they work with Children in Atlanta Georgia and they are consistently looking for ways to beat cancer.

The policies have multiple options that can be added to it, options to meet inflation and the rising costs of cancer treatments, there is even a Return of Premium option that can be added to the plan. Which means, if you never have to deal with Cancer, you get your money back.

Now that Cancer is coming closer and closer to families, regardless of family history and lifestyles. it is becoming a crucial coverage to add. Another thing that we really like about Aflac Cancer Plans, is that Children are covered for free up to age 26.



Accident Coverage

Another great Policy by Aflac is the Accident Indemnity Plan. It pays if you get hurt, on the job or off the job. It pays cash benefits directly to you, to help you pay bills or expenses to keep your household going while you recover from your injury.

Yes, Your medical insurance will probably pay for the doctors and the hospital, but who is helping you meet the co-payment? the other ongoing bills if you are unable to work?



Let us explain the plan benefits and enjoy the added protection for you and your family.